Clean Fun Soap has been a passion of mine since 2002 when my then five year old son came up with this brilliant idea! He wanted to put tiny frogs inside his soap for his friends to enjoy at school for his birthday. Our first soap made and most popular soap, Leap Frog, became reality. Families loved them and asked for more. A small business was blooming. Our young family then, consisting of four children ranging in ages from 5, 4, 2.5 and 6mo years old, came up with our "Clean Fun Soap" name. Less than a year later, my oldest son would be diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism.

Since this time, Clean Fun Soap has participated in seasonal Craft Shows, donating soaps to our church and shelters in the Indianapolis area and donations given to our school system to help children with Asperger’s Syndrome. We have been educating the public along the way about Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism but also how good Unscented Glycerin Soap is for your skin and body without all those heavy fillers and fragrances.

Many families have ordered dozens of Clean Fun Soaps because it’s unscented, bubbly, and a clean rinse type of soap. Children with eczema benefit from Clean Fun Soap Glycerin as the moisture qualities keeps skin soft and more manageable. Other store bought brands have coarse additives in their soaps which tends to dry out sensitive skin. Children have sensitive skin, environmental allergies, food allergies and fragrance reactions, therefore, Clean Fun Soap has unscented soaps for your child to safely use. Children with Asperger’s Syndrome/Autism likes how Clean Fun Soap is unscented and won’t trigger sensory reactions.

Clean Fun Soap products are handmade by me in my own kitchen. Our blocks of glycerin soap are carefully warmed, poured, dried, redried, hand wrapped, and labeled, then our individual soap bars are ready for gift giving. When Clean Fun Soap is attached to a card or present….it is always a conversation piece even before the gift is opened or the party begins!

Thank you for shopping at Clean Fun Soap. I look forward to filling your order. Check back with us frequently as we will add more holiday items as seasons come and go.

Carolyn Hohe
Owner/Soap Designer
Reinventing the Fun of Soap

WARNING: Small toys inside soaps are a choking hazard and not recommended for children under the age of three.
DISCLAIMER – I reserve the right to make an equal or equivalent substitute for any of the listed and named soaps if for any reason a toy product is discontinued or out of stock. 
Clean Fun Soap reserves the right to change prices without notice.